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 Lash Extensions = Instant Pretty

Beautiful Lash Extensions Are My Passion... I absolutely love making women feel beautiful, inside and out!!

I'm a Licensed Esthetician & Certified Lash Artist.

I am currently certified by & mainly use "Lash Savvy" lash extension products.

Why Lash Savvy

The Lash Savvy lash product line is top notch!!

Lash Savvy has a primary focus on a beautiful light weight texture in lash extensions that is very natural & very safe called "Silky-Minks". These lashes have plenty of Lash Extension Drama, yet wont damage your own lashes.

No lash damage!!

Lash Savvy Lash Extensions are one of the healthiest Lash Extension Product lines on the market. They will not break or damage your own natural lashes. You wont be told periodically you need to take a break or a breather from these fabulous lashes. Nope. Unlike most lash extension lines, these actually help your natural lashes grow.... most clients grow many more new natural lashes just due to the healthiness of Lash Savvy Lash Extensions. With healthy lash extensions & proper application (and of course no more abuse from scrubbing your lashes clean from mascara) your own lashes can actually "Breath". Many clients report growing up to 20-30% new lash growth!!!



I do use other name brands & Mink Lashes for different desired looks upon request (based upon good match for your desired look and ALWAYS upon lash health) Some gals can safely wear the heavier "Mink" Lash Extensions, especially on a limited & special occasion basis. But that is based upon a professional consultaion to asses your desired look vs ability to handle the heavier Mink Lashes.


Based on your natural lash base,

You can select  a look that is Glamerous & Dramatic or

Totally Natural.

I am a "Classic Lasher".

This means one lash extension for one natural lash (1:1)

Each Natural Lash will Receive a Lash Extension!!

As a Highly trained Classic Lash Artist, my lash application time for a NEW SET of lashes is typically 1.5 hrs depending on your lash base.

The 1.5 hours includes your lahses, paper work and consultation time. Often additional services can also be added during this time as well.

Return appointments are 1hr to 1hour 15min.

Russian Voluming is now available!!

Pricing and the time it takes to do a set of lash extensions goes up considerably for this very specialized and amazing service.


Say Good bye to your mascara...and Hello to Perfect Lashes 24/7

Be Lash-Fabulous Today!!

I am also a Certified DaVinci Teeth Whitening owner/operator.

Holiday Teeth Whitening Special is:

1hr. $99 (a $250 Value)

Get up to 4-8 shades lighter


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